The Future of the Manual

Readers, I’ve been away for some time. The academic commitments which have accompanied the end of my physiotherapy degree have been… well, demanding. I wanted to write this post both to ensure you that I haven’t disappeared, and to inform you about where I see The Manual of Primal Movement going from here.

My intention as I move forward in my career is for this blog to become a more prominent aspect of my professional voice. By 2017 I will be posting weekly updates on a set day, and soon afterwards I hope to begin putting out video content in addition to written posts.

There is a chance that the blog may undergo some re-branding. I feel that the word “primal” carries some degree of baggage, and I have grown concerned that it gives the impression that I might be an extremist dedicated to a purely natural-world pursuit of human movement, which is certainly not the case. In fact, movement practice in the context of the natural, ancestral environment has not even been the major theme in the content I have written thus far (aside, perhaps, from the past year or two since it first caught my interest). I intend for the blog to maintain a broader perspective on movement, training, and rehabilitation.

You, the interested reader, might be inclined to look into the work of Rafe Kelley (of Evolve Move Play) and Katy Bowman (of Nutritious Movement) for incredibly enlightening perspectives on natural movement. I’ve also been enjoying the YouTube channel Ancestral Movement lately, which offers many videos of a bearded fellow doing interesting movement drills.)

Expect great things. It’s time to get serious.


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