Stair Climbing Mishaps…

marcpro_crutchesHey, readers. I sprained my ankle.

I don’t even have a cool story or anything. Do you want to know what happened? I was texting while going down a flight of stairs and missed the last step. I highly recommend you avoid doing that particularly foolish combination of tasks.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem that bad, and as a physiotherapy student I have the skills (and access to fancy gadgets) to optimize the healing process. Even still, my idiocy is probably going to cost me a week or more of good training.

For the first time, however, I think I’m handling this injury pretty well emotionally. It probably helps that it’s just a minor sprain, but I think what is really helping me deal with it are the consistent ten weeks of training I got in before it happened. In a way, I would assume it would feel like the opposite, that I should be bummed out that I got derailed when I’m finally on a roll. But the consistent practice up to this point has just made me determined to really focus on optimizing my recovery and working around the problem.

It’s so easy to let an injury like this be an excuse to, I don’t know, sit on the couch all day playing Monster Hunter instead of moving. After all, injuries need rest, right?


Well, kind of right. It’s all about relative rest. Protecting the delicate healing tissues. Avoiding stuff that provokes pain or comes with a risk of arriving in joint positions that may compromise this little meat construction project I have on the go. But total rest? That is nothing more than stagnation. That would be just inviting the capacity and skill I’ve earned in the last couple months to slip away, leaving me way worse off than I would be just avoiding the things that might upset my ankle. Also, not moving means not pumping powerful healing juices through my body or pumping waste out of the injury site. Those things both really help push the recovery process along.

So, lessons learned:

Don’t text on the stairs. Or crosswalks. Or other places where doing so might kill you or others.
Work around injuries. Maintain your practice instead of becoming an incredible Monster Hunting slug! (Well, I mean, monsters are going to get hunted, but training still has to happen, too.)

Injuries are just a temporary setback. Learn from them, and get stronger in spite of them!

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