The Weekend War


(I don’t pretend to be a photographer…)

Readers, I’m going to be straight with you. There are certain components of my weekday lifestyle that don’t carry over all that well to the weekend. (I get the impression this is a common issue?) It’s not like I descend completely into sloth and gluttony, but I at least go down a step or two and stare into the darkness. This post will be, in part, an exercise in forcing myself to come up with better strategies to mitigate this lifestyle compromise.

The biggest challenge I face each weekend is with my nutritional habits. I find I rely heavily on the daily structure that a school or work day superimposes on my life in order to actually maintain some semblance of order in my food consumption. One factor at play here is that my weekly meal prep doesn’t currently include the weekend, so when lunch time comes around it’s a bit of a free for all. Plus, my girlfriend and I usually designate Friday as our “cheat day” and take some liberties, shall we say, with the quality of our post-climbing meal (or get some dessert happenin’). The problem is that this has been observed, on more than one occasion, to bleed over into eating some less than ideal food on Saturday as well.

The biggest steps I think I could take towards improving this aspect of my weekend lifestyle would be to (a) have prepared lunches ready for weekend days, and (b) plan ahead better for weekend meals in general to avoid the temptation of a double cheat day. I need to try to manufacture some of that structure that lets me eat well through the week.

The second challenge comes with movement, specifically how much is going on through the day. On one hand, this is okay. It’s nice to take some time on the weekend to recoup with lower overall activity levels; but I still don’t like the effects that long stretches of sitting in front of the computer have on me. I’ve already taken some steps to ease this problem: I use my computer at the coffee table while sitting on the floor (with a couch cushion as a bolster, at this point), I have a doorframe pull-up bar installed for periodic hanging, and I make a point of taking little breaks to explore movements I’m not getting while sitting cross-legged (like reaching overhead and putting my hips into different positions, for instance). I also have been trying to look out the window a little more often so my eyes are doing a bit more than looking at my computer screen (thanks, Katy Bowman).

One of the most important things I can do better on the weekend in terms of movement is to just get outside more often. I find it very easy to just hole up in the apartment all day if I have no plans, and this just generally leaves me feeling lousy. Getting outside will get me moving more in a not-so-intense way, and give me lots of stuff to look at that isn’t two feet in front of my face.

So there we go. I fessed up. Hopefully we have some common ground here that gave you an idea or two that will help you keep your good lifestyle habits rolling through the weekend as well.

Now I should probably get up and move around a bit… and look out a window…

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One thought on “The Weekend War

  1. Dāsha says:

    You are not alone on this one. great post!


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