Just a Thought [#1]

Working in a health club is a constant source of professional stress for me. Not because I’m over-worked in any way (oh, God, far from it), but for the following reasons:

1) I routinely have to grit my teeth and politely demonstrate the proper use of the Cybex circuit equipment (I swear I’m not as snobby as I sound).

2) We only have one squat rack, and it’s a pretty lousy one.

3) The standard gym etiquette of only squatting in the squat rack is completely lost on our member base. (Sorry, I meant the shrug-curl-row rack).

4) All that metal wasted making those silly circuit machines could have made a lot of squat racks.

5) Caterpillar deadlifts.

That is all. I swear a useful article on progressing the hip hinge is coming soon. Consider this my apology for bombarding you with so much dry information.


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One thought on “Just a Thought [#1]

  1. Grace says:

    Hahahahaahahahahah I still feel a lot of this at the gym, you aren’t alone!

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