A Shameless Sponsorship Plea (for Charity!)

Hey champs-in-the-making,

It’s finally starting to look like spring here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and that means the Bluenose is almost upon us. For my readers from afar, the Bluenose is an annual marathon (named no-doubt for the historical schooner that was so bad-ass we Canadians immortalized it on our dime). The event includes a 5k, 10k, and half-marathon as well, so more anaerobically-inclined athletes like myself needn’t suffer the trials of long distance unless we so choose. (I will be participating in the 10k, personally.)

I’ll be running with a team from the YMCA to support the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, an annual fundraising initiative that helps provide physical recreation programs and opportunities for kids. As someone who strongly believes we need to reconnect to the physical side of life, I’m totally in favour of doing whatever possible to stop children from becoming more sedentary, as the trend has been.

YMCA Strong Kids Campaign Logo

The YMCA Strong Kids Campaign helps create opportunities for children to become active in communities across Canada. It’s a good thing.

As I made blatantly obvious in the post title, the purpose of this little maritime culture lesson is to appeal (read: plead) to your warm, compassionate hearts for sponsorship. If you’re feeling charitable, and would like to help support a great cause, you can lend your support here. Every shilling helps.

Stay tuned for a new post later this week. We’re going to be gaining some serious article momentum!

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